The Thaw

by Ana Woulfe

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In January of 2017 Mike and I drove from Olympia to LA and back on the "Soft Life" tour. We were followed down the coast by harsh rains and mud slides and brief spurts of sun and our sets started to match the environment around us. The day before I flew back east we recorded this live to tape as a memento from our travels.

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released February 15, 2017

Recorded by Mike Ditrio at the Turtle Church in Olympia, WA
Guitar and Vocals by Tim Woulfe
Other guitars, pedal szzurps, keyboards, backing vocals, rewinding and drinky drinkspiration by Mike Ditrio.


all rights reserved



Ana Woulfe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

. . . wet gravel tack tack thawp . . .

artist printmaker musician soft freak trans woman trans woman caring person smiley face

she / her

Are YOU someone who enjoys this music and enjoys putting on DIY shows ? You can email me at ! I don't really use social media for my music and would LOVE to be in touch with nice people who I could tour to / play with sometime !
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Track Name: In The Weeds
it starts with craning your neck
to the waking world
all bodies standing deliberately
with no chance
no means
to fall

it starts with billowing robes
around your body's soft stone
you fold your hands in a mountain's peak
and let it's rivers speak
there is nothing left to decieve

and if there's dark energy
singing sour melodies
there's a meadow of sage out back
that'll be perfuming into the black
when set ablaze
in cleansing effigy

and here it starts again
with the flames licking the air
there's a silence it brings
that feels so human
and bare
and I am caught in the smoke steam
but my light still beams :
"bliss, come back to me!"
Track Name: Slow Nursing
slow morning
sun rises over tree cover

slow streaming
light beams and shadows color

but in comes hurtling winds
trees bend in bliss
old bodies on the ground

rain scattering, eroding
so slowly and powerfully

earth soaking, swallowing
in relief

and the water weaves it's way
through the rocks and trees
flooding the riverbed

and spreading out among the flora
crashing hollow logs on the rocks
coating the world in murky horror
and careening seeds in its white foam
until the rain lets up

and old bodies decompose
in sun dried soil
life breathes new
Track Name: Healthiness
the steam
pouring out across the river
carries the sweat
of rotting fruit
it brings a healthiness
it takes the time
to cloud your mind
and help you realize

that we make our days
on an earth depressed
but with heavy thaw
comes wilderness

there is a letting loose
born from wide flames
and blanketing
in layers of ash
it breathes and permeates
it says "you: grow!"
and the world accommodates

with healthy burst
and raw birth
vegetal sprawl
infiltrating the earth

so it's all melted away
down to rubble and structural decay
brought on swiftly by delicate mouths
and the vines and weeds that cover the ground
but I want to stay harmless through it all
I want to stay soft in the ignorant sprawl
Track Name: Breathing Thaw
thick fog
pouring from the land
turning my world into a
blank, unending

the unknown
bellows thick and true
it cuts through
it dwells in where I lack
or can't speak
or think

this is a silence I've learned to cultivate
and one I've tied dearly to my sense of place
so now wherever I am I'm rooted and opening
out, blooming, accepting

the harsh wind
or whatever element
that pushes
me back into my head
and silence and thought

I commit
to the world and all it's grace
I commit
to unending mystery
like I was born to

this is a new light that I bring to the day
shining through damp fog
shining through dark space
so when the unknown greets me in the grey
it'll see the wildness wending through my

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