by Ana Woulfe

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THIS is an album I wrote and recorded from the end of March to the beginning of May as an exercise to make an album about my day to day life. At the end of April my computer CRASHED HARD on me so I had to work from some salvaged .mp3's to finish it up.
Arguably, this makes it even more intrinsic to my daily life as it's deeply tied to all the events in that time span either by my voice describing the days or by solely being recorded at my house or where I work or by having a weird mix because of dumb computer stuff. This is truly it ya'll ! The walking myth of modern person shrunk down to short pop format.
Anyways, most of my music has been made for night time listening but this is truly a day time album ! Designed for watching trees grow in abandoned buildings, or going for a long aimless walk in your neighborhood or whatever it is you do when the sun is out. I personally like to sing it while I bike to work in the morning, and maybe that is how it's best experienced. Only time will tell !


released May 5, 2017

• Recorded at Piggies Amusement Complex and SpArc Philadelphia
• Nora Einbender-Luks sings on tracks 1, 2, 3, 6 and 9
• Sandra Moak plays drums on track 5
• Jen Williams plays drums on track 2 and guitar on track 5

many thanks to all who are concerned
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all rights reserved



Ana Woulfe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

. . . wet gravel tack tack thawp . . .

artist printmaker musician soft freak trans woman trans woman caring person smiley face

she / her

Are YOU someone who enjoys this music and enjoys putting on DIY shows ? You can email me at ! I don't really use social media for my music and would LOVE to be in touch with nice people who I could tour to / play with sometime !
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Track Name: Telling
i felt at home in the great noise
that great big welcoming void
it whipped up
a huge
in me
(so tender)
and I heard the voices in the trees
and their words came to mean

all darkness ! undone !
Track Name: Gust
it's so hard to know
how strong the wind will blow
so I work hard to stand still

(seems like the wind is always blowing
in the direction I'm going
pushing me back)
Track Name: Silence Breaks
silence breaks the day
but when you're describing it
you've already ruined

silence breaks the day
and you can only live in it
if you don't acknowledge it

when i perceive silence
i move to fill it up
i move to feel busy
i move to ruin
but i hate this instinct
i want to feel still
i want to leave the world

so that silence breaks the day
waking up in the forest
or biking in the morning
silence breaks the day

it shows the love
for the old growth inside you
and how it's roots are buried
so deep
and when they're exposed
it brings out the best in you
that's why i'm happiest
sitting on a grassy rock face
watching waves crash on waves
and stone and pool

that's when silence breaks the day
Track Name: Mountains
the mountains in my town
are glassy and gross
and when i head north i'm still
swallowed by their shadow

so i keep close
to the dust of the world
and the world in the dirt
all the worlds that i love

experience real beauty
in the cracks of crumbling brick
in green leaves smashing windows
in the earth left to itself

and if my favorite vacant lot
gets turned into a high rise condo
i'll shed a single
wide tear

but i will learn to move and love
the sacred world of dust
and the person i choose to
travel with and trust
Track Name: New Clarity
there isn't always such clarity
it comes and goes
in wide billows

there isn't always a truth in mystery
it can keep you in the dark

but when the wind picks up
there is no mystery
we shudder and shake
and lose all control
this is how we learn to cope
this is how we learn to live
with insignificance in the face of elements
barreling in sharp and pointed when you least expect it
it blows you back

but watch how the blade of grass bends
or how the tree gets uprooted
or how your body is slowly sinking into the dirt
there is so much power in
standing still
or walking slowly
while the world unfolds
around you

there isn't always such clarity
but when it comes hold it close
or die searching for it's ghost
Track Name: Slow Burying
slow burying, i am
slowly burying
my body in layers of clothe and bone
so it
doesn't show

soft encouraging, i am
softly encouraging
my life to be free and affirming

and it brings a feeling that is
so rare
raw progress by any means is
so rare

slow burning, i am
slowly burning
holy wood from my bedroom mantle
it clouds my dreams with thick uplifting smoke
and this
ritual slows down the day
and keeps me breathing
in the rhythm of the river where i
spent my early life
learning, imprinting, soaking

to feel at home anywhere is
so rare
to stay true to the old self is
so rare
but i am
always remembering
Track Name: Breaking
it was all ice
i opened the door
and became canvas in the wind

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