A House Is A Holding

by Ana Woulfe

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This album was written over the course of a rambling fall 2017 spent dogsitting in Mount Airy, touring with Real Life Buildings and Diners, sitting and stewing in parks all over Philly, traveling to Ireland and living in a castle for week, traveling to Rhode Island and living in the woods for a week, sitting in my actual living room playing the same guitar part over and over again, biking to and from work and many other micro moments whose influence can't be denied. It was then recorded in deep January 2018 cold at Piggies Amusement Complex in Philadelphia.

The sampler used on many of these recordings was lent to me by Nick Norman. View his art at : www.instagram.com/nicknow99/
Full album mastered by Mike Dawgy Ditrio

MUSIC VIDEO FOR HUNTERS AT : www.youtube.com/watch?v=kELBQNoywm8
PRE-ORDER TAPE AT : deeperclarity.net/store.html


released March 23, 2018

Is just settling on
And I'm awake
Thinking of the pine
And it's boughs dancing
When water starts rushing through pipes
And I'm brought back
to my Room


all rights reserved



Ana Woulfe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

. . . wet gravel tack tack thawp . . .

artist printmaker musician soft freak trans woman trans woman caring person smiley face

she / her

Are YOU someone who enjoys this music and enjoys putting on DIY shows ? You can email me at ana@deeperclarity.net ! I don't really use social media for my music and would LOVE to be in touch with nice people who I could tour to / play with sometime !
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Track Name: You Swam In
Where did you swim in from ?
Some far away sea ?
Tombstone on the breeze ?

Where did you swim in from ?
I watched your waves break from my shore
then swam off on my own

Swimming Alone
I'll Double Back To You
Track Name: Morning, Morning
Open out the backdoor
Slide up the kitchen window
There is all immersing morning to let in
And in a blink, it goes

Sleeping inside
Without craning your neck
To open window, and saying :
"Hello ! Cold Morning !
I Love You ! And Your Scent !
And The Way Your Light Bends !"

Then in comes the sound and the heat
And the long afternoon
To melt away the day

It feels so radical to say :
"Despite All Darkness, I Am Living
And I Won't Stop Soon!"
Track Name: Trick Of The Eye
Trick of the eye
I could've sworn those trees were arranged
Differently, when I went to sleep
A grey swarm of shadows, made to deceive
"Well, okey dokey then"

But - I can't shake the feeling
that someone's there
I stare beyond the birch patch
At the vast holes in my knowledge
Performing for me
"Just go back to sleep !"
"Well, okey dokey then"

I felt the fear of who's staring back
It creeps in so slow
Like how the cold moon makes the curtains glow

Trick of the Eye
Just the tip of a willow
Brushing against morning window
In new daylight
The holy sounds of great pines creaking
Feel so different when you can't see them
Ancient sighs and heavy heaving
"Well, Okey Dokey then"

A sudden movement out the window
Moth wings beating erratically
Baleful shadows in the porchlight

"Just go back to sleep!"
"Well, okey dokey then"
Track Name: Cyan Sing
That was the perfect time to stop singing
In the hushed silence after Riptide had broken
Shuffling feet to closing doors
An ending
But outside the window the foghorns of streetlights are sounding
We close our own doors
And settle - pregnant calm invading

And in early night the faces are obscure
But in the right light I can see your hands softly trembling
Pushing the hair out of your eyes
You are a decade of Feeling
A great spilling bounty of love
And it shows

That was the perfect way to mix green and blue
Into a hopeful cyan
To spread on the page in inky burst
And - a few hours later I saw the drying cloud of pigment
On the glass surface of your desk
Temporary stain, and the notion
That the best creations are fleeting
And made with no one else in mind

I felt that hope and confidence
Make way for great sadness
And our distance and your loss
Betray the sound of your voice
But you were always there when needed
Blowing strong gusts
You patient Egret
You let go
Track Name: Sounds Release
On the way outside
I stopped to look, and engage
It was freezing
I pulled the blanket tighter
And felt a beautiful feeling : dark tree lined corridor
And streetlights through lace
Resting on quiet floor
Forgetting the body, living numb
Forgetting the body, so it goes

And the winter
Sounds release
A delicate dawning

On the way outside,
A piece of trash
Hit me in the face
But I still felt a beautiful feeling : unexpected taste of cellophane
And snowmelt, seeping in quiet rain
Forgetting the body, in blanket clothes
Forgetting the body, hissing steam

And the cold berth
Brings some relief
A cloaking, a hiding
Track Name: Dust
The dust on the resin
Is settling
And I am trying hard not to kill my mind
With nostalgia
But it remains ever present
In what is not there, in what is changing
I can't escape it

Those woods are gone, carved into homes
Cheap plastic useless homes
And standing in gross light, a locked front door
that says : "you're not welcome here"

And it's so hard not to feel cynical
About the endless loop
Of creating and displacing
But I know those homes will stay empty forever
Because to really live somewhere
Means embracing, and not blindly paving

The crater near my home, collects and overflows
I know how that goes
And I know I'm not immune, I am implicated too
I Am A Seed On The Wind Bearing Change
And then the rain comes

Track Name: Hunters
Hello (Hello)
My voice and echo
Comes screeching out in soundless night
To greet
A wide world

Hunters, you're haunting
You're slow moving chemicals in the lake
Hunters, don't haunt me
Don't bring your violence your storm your earthquake

And my voice is an echo
I'm trying to forget
Standing still in fleeting air
Just gasping, decaying

Hunters, you haunt me
Your ghosts are fermenting in my chest
Hunters, you call me
Your thunder brings me to flesh and blood again


Hunters, don't haunt me
Let me waterfall your vision bare
Hunters, I dare to haunt you
I'll watch you bare your teeth at my nightmare
Track Name: Wanting
Sow My Own Seeds
Onions and Greens
Writhing in Heat
Bulbs and Beauty Leaves
Raindrops Form New
Does What Wet Do

The Pokeweed Doesn't Move
When The Train Pours Through
I Feel That Still
Mood And Goodwill
And I Want Not What Want Do
Brings Back Consume

Knowing Everything
Must Be So Boring

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